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TVET Helping Mitigation of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been ravaging the world, causing much fear and panic. Cases in our country (Sierra Leone) have of recent been on the increase. The Government is doing its best to contain the virus and it is important for every one of us as citizens and stakeholders to contribute our quota to supplement the effort of the Government. The message of sensitization is mostly; wash your hands, stay at home, and use a face mask. So many people and institutions have attempted and in fact been successful in inventing mechanisms to facilitate and encourage the habit of handwashing. The Congregation of St. Joseph through the sponsorship of Manos Unidas and Engim decided to provide some washing facilities at Kissy – Lowcost area in Freetown. They examined the various washing facilities that were on the market but needed something stronger and of higher quality that suited the purpose of their project.

Welding and Grinding

A group of students and some teachers of the Mechanical Engineering department of Murialdo Institute of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MIMETECH) assembled to put heads together and produce a washing facility that suits the purpose of the project. As a result, the washing facilities shown above are the handy work of the students of MIMETECH. These facilities were made from scratch in the workshop of the institute by the students. It took less than a week to get all 30 washing facilities produced thanks to the EU-BMZ co-financed “Support to TVET in Sierra Leone” project implemented by GIZ, providing training to teachers and provision of various machines and hand tools to equip the workshop of the institute.

Plumbing and Painting

The uniqueness of this handwashing facility is that you do not need to use your hands to press the soap or open the water. It has two soft and easy to use foot pedals to step on. The right pedal helps to pour some soap on your hands and the left paddle helps to pour water on your hands for washing. The tank at the top is also braced with metal to prevent easy stealing. We accept contracts from individuals, institutions and companies to produce according to their needs.

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