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The Development of a Competence Based Training (CBT) Curriculum Workshop

The curricula being used by many training institutions in developing countries are obsolete and not in line with current job industry requirements. The DACCUM workshop had two facilitators and twelve participants from six TVET institutions with observers from partner institutions. The workshop took place at the Family Kingdom and lasted for three (3) weeks.

The DACCUM workshop was focused on developing a curriculum using the Competency Based Training (CBT) strategy which is used by many countries involved in curriculum reformation. CBT phenomenon is a defined industry and demand driven (outcomes-based) education and training programme based on industry generated standards (occupational standards). These industry standards are the basis upon which the programme (curriculum), assessment and learning materials are designed and developed. Since training needs are related to what is practised in the real work environment, CBET is anchored on relating training to what happens in the work environment. ICON-Institute and  Gefak supported the workshop and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) that had six (6) occupational components under EPP III to support Youth Development.

The specific assignment was the TVET Occupational Analysis and Curriculum Development which addresses the need for development of curricula that supported identified skills-needs in the relevant occupational areas. Apart from the six (6) occupational areas taught, a trainer’s guide with a lesson plan, learning units and outcomes, lesson objectives, Tools, equipment and materials and how to evaluate the lessons were also developed and validated. It is expected that if the developed curricula are covered, it will be of great help to both TVET institutions and industries.

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