The National Council for Technical, Vocational and Other Academic Awards (NCTVA) and the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) held a meeting at the NCTVA Conference Room on Tuesday, 26th March 2019    to discuss modalities for possible collaboration in the verification exercise of 30,000 teachers across the country. It is expected that the National Civil Registration Authority will be another partner in the exercise. Attending the meeting were representatives of the TSC, Ms. Hectora Pyne-Bailey, the Director and a cross section of NCTVA staff.

A pilot phase of the Teacher Verification exercise is scheduled to take place in May 2019 and a follow-up tour of the regions. NCTVA will present a team appointed by Council. It was suggested that TSC shall submit lists of teachers to NCTVA for its own verification. NCTVA secretariat will provide PDF Files of lists of candidates as in the Certification Booklets.

In conclusion, other issues discussed in the meeting include:

  • Digitalising data of the former Institute of Education (INSTED) from 1980 to 2001 when NCTVA was established by Act of Parliament to take over as Accreditation, Examination and Validation body of Teacher Education, Polytechnics and TVET Institutions.
  • TSC was to invite NCTVA to a meeting with other partners in the verification exercise.
  • NCTVA was advised by the Minister of Technical and Higher Education to invite the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) either as ad hoc member of Council or as observer to its meetings.

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