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Meeting with World Bank Representative

On the 31st of October 2019, NCTVA was delighted to host Dr. Mari Shojo, Education Specialist working at the World Bank, to present the conceptualisation of the “Sierra Leone Skills Development Project”. Alongside many key players of our institution, GIZ also attended the meeting to understand which role NCTVA is going to play in realising the mentioned project in Sierra Leone. Thereby, Dr. Shojo emphasised several times the imperative position of our institution in this process.

The objective of the project is to emphasise and increase the demand-led skills training and therefore set a milestone in providing a demand-led skills development system in our country. The SLSDP was introduced in December 2018 and is an ongoing project until October 2023. The project consists of two main components: (1) the Skills Development Fund (SDF) and (2) Capacity Building and System Strengthening. Whereas the first component is targeting training institutions and businesses in productive sectors, the second component aims at establishing an integrated skills information system to support evidence-based analysis and policy development as well as piloting the accreditation of skills training programs with the participation of industries.

According to Dr. Shojo, NCTVA’s mission in this undertaking is out of great importance as our institution is one of the implementing agencies of the project and at the same time member of the Project Steering Committee who oversees the development of the project. Moreover, the addressed beneficiaries of this project are young job seekers and employees, employers of the informal sector, formal businesses in productive sectors, industry associations, students and staff of public and private TVET providers as well as relevant government agencies engaged in development.

After the conclusion of the presentation, reasonable questions were raised by the attendees, while Dr. Shojo repeatedly pointed out the importance of NCTVA in this undertaking of the World Bank in Sierra Leone.

Our institution committed itself to monitor challenges and evaluate the progress of the project while achieving the objectives and targets respectively.

We hereby want to thank Dr. Shojo and the World Bank for assigning NCTVA a main function in this process. We are looking forward to months of close cooperation and efficient results.

To find out more about the project, follow this link: Sierra Leone Skills Development Project – World Bank

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