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Luban College of Social Sciences and Technology

Basic Information

Luban College of Social Sciences and Technology

Name of Instituion

Technical Vocational Institute

Type of Instituion

December, 2012


Contact Information


The college was established in December 2012 by Sierra Leoneans with the vision to shape the future leaders in diverse fields of management and technology by creating, managing and disseminating knowledge to enhance its students’ educational pursuit/careers.

The founders believe that the key to unlocking the door to freedom and development is education. The establishment of the college is based on the new dispensation of the 21st century which focuses on building the relevant bridges and breaking barriers between prospective students and the college.

Available Facilities and Opportunities

Luban College is having a building with three storeys: ten (10) classrooms, five (5) office spaces including the office of the Executive Director/Principal, Director of Academic Affairs, Registrar, Examination Office, Secretary office, Heads of Department and a staff room. In addition to this, there are a computer laboratory, a library and a student canteen.

Specific Needs

  1. IT equipment
  2. Internet access
  3. Team for communication platform administration (website)
  4. Team for communication platform updates

Courses Offered

Give an overview, if necessary, of courses offered


NoDiploma / Higher Diploma
1Logistics and Procurement
2Human Resource Management
3Sales and Marketing
4Accounting and Finance
5Computer Science
6Social Development Studies
7Management Studies
8Banking and Finance
9Management Information Systems
10Business Information Systems
11Insurance and Risk Management
12Journalism and Communications
13Supply Chain Management
14Financial Management
15Banking and Treasury management
16Mass Communication
17Marketing and Customer Service Management

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