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Kambia College of Management and Technology

Basic Information

Kambia College of Management and Technology

Name of Instituion

Technical Vocational Institute

Type of Instituion

October, 2012


Contact Information


The college was established in October 2012 by a young educationist who deemed it wise to help improve education in Kambia District and complement government effort. The founders of the said institution realised that the district is known for large numbers of dropouts from school. Poor students find it very difficult to pursue their education and are unable to make their way to attain higher education. Henceforth, their education pursuits come to a halt. This greatly affects the district, leading to a high crime rate, particularly increasing smuggling activities along the borderline. It also leads to an increase in the number of bike riders in the district and diminishes the performance of secondary school pupils. KCMT was founded to counteract these developments.

Available Facilities and Opportunities

KCMT currently employs 22 teachers, 20 of them male and 2 female. They are teaching around 80 students, 50 of them male and 30 female. Principal Khalil Chernor Swaray of Kambia College of Management and Technology also runs KCMT Enterprise at the Red Cross Campus in Kambia Town, Kambia. His company has 22 employees and offers up to 30 internships per year to TVET students, which is a great opportunity to get one’s TVET career started after graduation.

Courses Offered

KCMT keeps track of the number of graduates who have found jobs, for each examination period. In July 2019, the numbers for the class of 2018 were the following:

  • Accounting and Finance: 10 graduates, 4 found a job
  • Business Administration: 13 graduates, 8 found a job
  • Community Health: 7 graduates, 5 found a job
  • Social Work: 10 graduates, 8 found a job
1Accounting and Finance
2Business Administration
3Community Health
4Social Work

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