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NCTVA hosts the 2nd Demonstration Meeting of the ICS with GIZ Representatives and iDT Labs

On Tuesday, the 22nd October 2019, NCTVA hosted the 2nd Demonstration Meeting of the Integrated Certification Software (ICS). Led by iDT Labs’ representatives, Mrs. Athira Ramanan and Mr. Sylvester Johnson, the meeting fulfilled its aim to demonstrate one of the last steps of finalizing the digitalization of NCTVA’s presence online. Being attended by multiple key actors of NCTVA, Director Jalloh also welcomed members of the German Development Corporation, who are overseeing the process by offering technical support along the way.

Mrs. Ramanan, who demonstrated the progress of the development of the ICS, extensively followed-up on the procedure of iDT Labs. Thereby, focal points as the User Interface (UI), Registration procedures and the NCTVA Sign-Up were discussed by the attendees. Students are going to benefit from the ICS as main functions as e.g. Admission, Certification and Grading System will be integrated to accelerate the procedure so far.

Although the development phase is close to being finalized, the audience was raising questions to make sure that all data will be stored safely under the supervision of the executing company. Mr. Johnson, Project Manager of iDT Labs, assured that his colleagues and affiliates are making sure that no user data will be used for other purposes then for what it was created for. Furthermore, he assured strict data privacy and user safety online, which underlines the confidentiality and integrity of NCTVA and its partner institutions.

After almost six hours of a productive meeting and several consultations in-between, the involved stakeholders agreed upon that the following days will be used to conclude the beta-phase of the ICS and consequently, arrive at the final stage of the project: to embed and implement ICS in the NCTVA Communication Platform.

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