Approve programmes and levels of qualification

An institution and programme should be accredited by the NCTVA before candidates can enter for an examination. The accreditation procedures are listed in the NCTVA Handbook. Examination and certification services are provided in Engineering, Business, Humanities and other programmes offered at polytechnics, teacher training, and tech-voc institutions at the following levels:

  • National Vocational Qualifications for Senior Secondary Tech-Voc schools
  • National Vocational Certificate (Replacing Trade Certificate)
  • Advanced National Vocational Certificate
  • National Technical Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Higher Diploma
  • Teachers Certificate
  • Higher Teachers Certificate (primary and secondary)

You can download the accreditation formĀ here.


Browse the list of accredited institutions

You can download the list of NCTVA accredited institutions here.

You can download NCTVA’s accreditation form here